1 Bedroom flat in Brentwood

We went for a clean, classic look with this one bedroom apartment in East London, improving the old through much-needed care and patience in applying the new, all according to the client’s request.

Before we started on anything else, the newly plastered ceilings were mist coated with ‘Dulux Trade Drywall primer sealer using an airless spray gun, so as to seal them and prevent peeling this is an excellent product to use for sealing new plaster as no water is required to thin down this product so it can be applied straight away. All ceilings were completed in a spray finish applying 2 coats of Dulux trade ultra matt white.


Hallway and lounge walls were done using a 2 coat system, through brush and roller, with ‘Dulux Trade Polished Pebble Matt’.


The same treatment was given to the kitchen and bathroom walls, which we coated twice with ‘Dulux Diamond Eggshell White’.


The bedroom we treated with ‘Dulux Trade Stone Green Vinyl matt’. Finally we applied 2 coats an oil-based ‘Satinwood White’ paint to all of the woodwork, except for the doors, which were varnished with ‘Ronseal Dark Walnut’.


We incorporate integrity, reliability, and rofessionalism into every project whether it be large or small.

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Tel: 07923017457